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Surefoot Liquid Based De-Icer 10lt

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Surefoot maintains effective ice control on drives, footpaths and car parks down to temperatures as low as -50°C

  • A fast and clean alternative to the traditional use of rock salt and road grit
  • Effective down to -50°C
  • Easy application, ready to use formulation
  • Non-corrosive (unlike salt)

How Surefoot Works

Surefoot is ideal for spraying onto hard surfaces where ice can become a risk to pedestrians. The potassium acetate in Surefoot depresses the freezing point of water, thereby melting ice. It can also be applied preventativly before ice is expected and so reduce the potential for accidents.

Clean And Easy

Rock salt leaves a dirty residue and is bulky to apply.  Surefoot can be applied through conventional hydraulic spray equipment or watering can

Pack Size And Coverage

Surefoot comes in 10lt packs


If expecting frost apply 15ml/square metre

If expecting snow apply 30ml/square metre

If expecting freezing rain apply45ml/square metre


Slight frost apply at 20ml/square metre

Black Ice apply at 60ml/square metre

Sheet Ice apply at 75ml/sqaure metre

Compacted snow apply at 75ml/square metre & remove mechanically

10lt will cover between 133 sq metres and 666 sq metres.

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