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Greenor Selective Systemic Herbicide 5lt

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Item Quantity
Contains 40g/l fluroxypyr + 20g/l clopyralid + 200g/l MCPA.
MAPP 15204

Greenor is a selective, systemic, post emergence turf herbicide. Greenor controls broad-leaved weeds in amenity turf including daisy, dandelion and knotgrass.

  • Unique micro-emulsion technology increases herbicidal activity
  • Controls a wide range of common turf weeds, including Daisy and Common Mouse Ear
  • Can be used on new grass only two months after sowing
  • Does not scorch the plant leaves as with some other herbicides

Active ingredients

Contains 40g/l fluroxypyr + 20g/l clopyralid + 200g/l MCPA. MAPP 15204

Application Rate

Apply at 4 litres/ha Greenor in 200-1,000 litres/ha of water.

Apply when weeds are actively growing (normally April-September) Ideally avoid mowing three days before and three days after application. Do not sow for 3-4 weeks after treatment. After mowing young turf allow at least 5 days before application. Greenor can be applied to young turf in spring providing at least two months have elapsed between sowing and application.

Read product label before use.

Spray quality


Pack size

5 litre bottle.

Pack coverage


Note: It is your responsibility to ensure that any pesticide product for Professional use is used according to the Approved Code of Practice and that all operators are trained and certified in its use.

Product registered for Professional use in UK only.


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